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Fargo Valley

Shankarpally, Hyderabad

20 - 25 guests . Dorm room . 2 bedrooms . 3 bathrooms

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Rise above the ordinary at Fargo TreeTrop, your private tropical treehouse paradise!

Forget the ground and ascend to a world of leafy luxury. Nestled high amongst the whispering leaves, Fargo TreeTrop invites you to unwind and reconnect with nature in pure comfort.

Picture this:

  • Waking up to a rainforest serenade from your plush treetop haven, sunshine filtering through emerald leaves.

  • Dipping into your private swimming pool that seems to melt into the endless green panorama, monkeys providing the soundtrack.

  • Lounging on your private balcony with a book and a refreshing drink, embraced by the rustling canopy and boundless sky.

  • Sharing laughter and stories around a crackling bonfire BBQ (additional charge) under a canopy of stars with loved ones.

  • Enjoying effortless luxury with dedicated stewards on hand to cater to your every whim, making your stay truly magical.

Fargo TreeTrop offers more than just stunning views – it's a complete experience:

  • Three cozy bedrooms with attached bathrooms for a comfortable retreat.

  • High-speed WiFi to stay connected (or delightfully disconnected!).

  • Portable speakers to fill the air with your favorite tunes.

  • Personal service from dedicated stewards who ensure your every need is met.

Escape the ordinary and climb into your own unforgettable adventure at Fargo TreeTrop.


Book your stay today and let the trees become your home!

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