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Fargo Porch

Ghatkesar, Hyderabad

2 - 5 guests . 1 bedroom . 1 living room. 1 bathroom

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Escape to the Edge: Fargo Porch, Where Rocks Meet Stars

Fargo Porch isn't just a stay, it's an experience carved from the very rock of adventure. Perched on a cliff's edge, this reimagined shipping container offers a front-row seat to nature's masterpiece, where the horizon stretches like an endless canvas and stars paint the night sky.


  • Waking up to a panorama that would make eagles jealous. Sunbeams kiss the rock face, painting your private porch with golden warmth.

  • Melting into the bubbling bliss of your outdoor spa, muscles sighing with relief as the vastness unfolds before you.

  • Sipping coffee on your private porch, the wind whispering secrets in your ear, the scent of pine filling your lungs.

  • Gathering around a crackling bonfire BBQ (additional charge) under a blanket of stars, stories dancing in the flames.

  • Indulging in lazy mornings with a complimentary breakfast, savoring the taste of fresh air and freedom.

Fargo Porch is more than just a unique stay, it's a symphony of senses.

  • Two cozy bedrooms with attached bathrooms for ultimate comfort.

  • High-speed WiFi to stay connected (or delightfully disconnected).

  • Portable speakers to soundtrack your adventure.

  • Dedicated stewards to ensure your every need is met.

Leave the ordinary behind and step onto the edge at Fargo Porch. This is where the world shrinks and your soul expands. Book your stay today and let the rock become your launchpad to the extraordinary.

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